ver⋅bose   /vərˈboʊs/
–adjective characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy

mo⋅rose   /məˈroʊs/
–adjective 1. gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood. 2. characterized by or expressing gloom.

Friday, July 17, 2009

many wants!

how cute is this completely portable usb turntable?!
i received the new urban outfitters catalog in the mail yesterday (i know... don't ask!) and was flipping through. the clothes were nothing special, cute stuff, overpriced, the usual. and THEN i get to the housewares section... le sigh! such amazing stuff in there, let me tell ya!
i want these in a BAAAAAAAD way! and this is super amazing of course, totally very sally, and totally overpriced...
but of course, you should just go ahead and buy them for me!
birthday and bon voyage coming up! gimmee!


hustle rose said...

i have that record player and its crap in the listening sense. super cute...but dont do it. mine broke and change speeds..which was amusing and angering.

tracy mitchell said...

thanks so much for commenting on my blog! i've read to here so far, and am loving your blog! now back to reading.