ver⋅bose   /vərˈboʊs/
–adjective characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy

mo⋅rose   /məˈroʊs/
–adjective 1. gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood. 2. characterized by or expressing gloom.

Friday, May 29, 2009

right. now.


tortellini and asparagus, chilled glasses, catching up, energy shots, quotes in the living room, whiskey sours, flasks on the bridge, playlists, designated drivers, too many cigarettes really, good dj, better friends, sweet moves, sneaky sips, west side story-style dance offs, sweatsoaked smiles, messy hair, copwatch, wrong turns, car jams, banana pancakes, tongue clicks, new faces, it started sprinkling, loud laughter in quiet places, "my life flashed before my eyes", hills on purpose, spontaneous mixes, tickled fucking pink,

and all around good time, if you really wanna know the truth.

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mamagramma said...

tickled fuckin pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!