ver⋅bose   /vərˈboʊs/
–adjective characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy

mo⋅rose   /məˈroʊs/
–adjective 1. gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood. 2. characterized by or expressing gloom.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

you have four months

until my birthday, give or take. it's gonna be a tough one, because it's the same month we move to portland and i might be here or i might be there... ooof.
anyway, you have four months to plan for these:

april inspiration

just a few things i am into this month. up to and including braids, leg tattoos (one for me, please!), and carefree bundles of colorful balloons!
this is pretty much where i want to live

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

dead disco

on monday jekka and i had a little fun!

first we went to eli's mile high club, a blues bar that has pretty much been taken over by metal loving kids and street punks. awesome!
then we left- quietly...
then it was off to the ruby room, where it was far too dark to take pictures, but a lovely bar nonetheless!
and back to our favorite watering hole, lost weekend...
and no bar night is truly complete without a stop by lucky 13's photo booth, of course!
(that first pic is a result of jekka and i wearing the exact same chonies)
then i fell asleep before i could eat any of my jack on the box!
(which never happens when we get taco bell...)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

no joke

my new myspace song is the illest shit.

check it..

note: this will always apply, even when i change my song. but right now it's by wallpaper.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh please oh please!

we have to go. we have to!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

go team blanco!

Bangers and Cash Pictures, Images and Photos

benny blanco (of bangers & cash fame) is doing a 241 walk for cancer from Manhattan to Reston Virgina.
To make a donation please send check or money to:

American cancer society
1938 Upper Lake Dr.
Reston VA, 20191

good luck benny!


i made killer sangria!

: (

"isn't it funny? the truth just sounds different."

but why does that mean it has to hurt? i don't like it... it should be a relief, really. but it rarely (if ever) is.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture book, when you were just a baby, those days when you were happy, a long time ago.

i am too tired to say... much of anything, actually. i'm just going to post a few of my favorite scans and call it a night!
less than three
inside voices
secret garden
too much wine
anywho, here's my flickr. lurk the pictures, add me as a contact and stuff.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why don't you sit right down and make me smile? You make me feel like I am just a child.

what a day! long, lazy, lovely. i started the day with nothing but the most arbitrary of plans: go to the bank and the grocery store. that's it. then hannah says she wants to do happy hour at the tikibar so, save for listening to she & him on vinyl all morning and puttering around the house, my day pretty much started at 6 when hannah got of work. well, let me tell ya! the drinks at the forbidden island are quite strong! i had two blue, fruity things called "neptune's garden" and was feeling pretty good. i brought along my diana+ with the instant back in tow and took a few pictures. (i was too impatient to wait and scan my favorites, so i got a little ghetto and took pictures of a few of them with my phone and sent them to myself:
a double exposure of a neptune's garden

then we headed over to hannah's new place and met up with vanessa and renee, two very lovely ladies! vanessa is quite the photographer, and shooting with my diana+ instant back made her giddy! she had a helluva time shooting me, which was sweet because i rarely do get a picture of myself...
and then i saw hannah's AWESOME heart pillow and had an epiphany that culminated in 20 minutes of shooting:
after a few beers and some snacks, it was time to head home- alllll the way upstairs (i told you hannah moved in downstairs, right?) where i started in reading my polaroid blog and was super inspired by all of her compostiions. i decided, even though i was terribly exhausted, to give them a go myself.
well, long story short, i had ordered the instant back and a 10 pack of fuji instamax film (100 photos). i have about 5 photos left and the package arrived saturday morning. what do you think? i ordered more film and will do better (aka actual) scans of all the worthwile pictures by the end of the week. but for now, it's off to bed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

let's go on a living spree!


this looks like the good life to me! it seems like such a romantic idea, to live in a treehouse. i started writing a story once, about a man who lived in a treehouse, and all the interesting people he would meet. i should finish that...

Friday, April 10, 2009

hello again!

the lovely muchael pitt is 28 today. it's also q-tip's birthday!

yesterday was pretty much this:
lunch with my dad (steak tacos!), new haircut (choppy layers), visiting tomatina, lazy afternoon, making dinner for hannah (shrimp and veggies!), pregaming at my house, kips in berkeley with a large posse, an endless sea of chads, far too many cigarettes, cheap beer, postgame at hannah's where i talked way too much and quickly became exhausted.
i made a new shirt yesterday and wore it out also. hopefully i can put a picture of it up soon.


here are some quotes that i have texted myself:
"last night was strange..."
"why was it strange?"
"no, it wasn't... it was just strange..."

"you're not following me on twitter?!"

"i went to santa cruz and all i got was... raped."

"is a chode a penis that touches all sides of a tuna can but not the bottom?"

"she abuses the privelige of owning my phone number!"

"were you wiping your hand or copping a feel?"

"listen here you beautiful bitch i'm gonna fuck you up with some truth!"

"sally changed my status to that shit because she is an evil self loathing dyke from dyke island!!!!"
"they changed the name from "dyke island" to "julian's mom's house"-- i hope you didn't try to send me any mail...

now are you jealous of the good times? haha!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

hella super-mega birthdays today

marc jacobs is 46 today.
Cynthia Nixon (43)
Kristen Stewart (19)
Leighton Meester (23)
Jay Baruchel (27) (my love!)
Yoanna House (29)
Albert Hammond, Jr. (29)
Jenna Jameson (35)
Paulina Porizkova (44)
Dennis Quaid (55)
Hugh Hefner (83)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

baby-sitters club = love

this is amaze! especially going with the lol-hipster theme of late!
if the baby-sitters (club) were modern-day hipsters

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

make good choices.


thundercats are NO!

dreaming is free

i had the weirdest dream last night. i haven't had a proper night's sleep in a few nights and i think it is getting to me. stupid internets, calling to me all through the day and night! also, partly due to my lovely pal jill over at LOVE it or SHOVE it i have been thinking/looking at/ talking more about hipsters. i know, silly. but, in a true laws of attraction kind of way, after joking around with jill about hipsters i found this and this. like, without looking. funny stuff!
i had this really weird dream. it was essentially the apocalypse from a hipster's point of view. m.i.a. was mentioned. the tenderlions- my friend's roomates- were there (they are amazing live, btw. check them out.) it was ridiculous. basically our solution (like, to the apocalypse?) was to pick up and move to portland... yup. i think it means that i am worried that things are happening too fast. even though they really aren't. and also that i spend too much time on the interweb looking at ridiculous shit!
now let's drink some pbr and play some hipster bingo!

forgetful franny

i managed to completely forget that i signed up for a listography account. so it was fun reading my info from 5 or so months ago. i will probably go update it tomorrow. are you list fans? sign up at listography and we can lurk each other.

a list of quotes from that time period = AMAZING!
"we're vampires too... for cheese!"

"kara! you're fucking driving like fucking tupac in vegas!"

(me, at work, gesturing to a "wedding ring" my buddy had let me try on that weekend and forgot to take back) "hey, hubby, lose something?"
(in front of customers)"oh! i need that back! my wife would be soooo mad if she knew i wasn't wearing that!" (the customers are weirded out. little do they know, he's not even married.)

"hey, spit on anyone today?" (there's a story there...)

"we're making rock n' roll history here! act accordingly!"

if i don't have my notebook to scribble these down in, i text them to myself. i don't like forgetting.

play favorites


true words. good words.