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Friday, October 24, 2008

okay, it's confession time

i was mormon once. that is a long story for another time, i guess. anyway, i still get the ocassional mass e-mail from a person or two from church. i am telling you this because, well, i got this today (boldface is mine):

Fw: MA Public Schools Post Gay Marriage‏
(blahblahblah hella e-mail addresses)

Please see the link below. It details what is being taught in public schools since Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage.

I think we all sympathize with Gays and the hardships they face being different from the majority. But I'm realizing that there is a very high price we are paying as we make these concessions. Do you really want your kids to be exposed to all of this? People around here don't seem to be worried about the rights of parents and children. Everyone condemns pedophiles but these teachers and administrators aren't far behind them. They're just violating children's minds rather than their bodies.-Alaina (a lady i worked with at church)

p.s. My mother-in-law verified the veracity of these claims with a good friend of hers who lives in Massachusetts (see below). It is all painfully true.

(blahblahblah hella e-mail addresses)

Elizabeth is a good friend, mother, attorney, and very active politically. I assume the Robb and Robin she refers to is the couple in the video we've all seen.
Brian Camenker is a first-class jerk, and he has a single-minded vendetta against Romney. I refuse to have anything to do with MassResistance.Having said that, Brian's facts are essentially correct (if slightly, and I mean only SLIGHTLY, alarmist). Robb and Robin are personal friends, and the Lexington School District put them through hell. They ultimately moved. Yes, this is a good taste of what you face in California if gay marriage remains the law.

(blahblahblah hella e-mail addresses)

Elizabeth, can you verify that this is factual? I'm sure there is some truth to it, but the take on Mitt Romney makes me question the validity of the entire article. I know it's bad out there, getting that way on this coast.
"What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts:It's far worse than most people realize"

please do comment with your opinion, readers. i would rather read what you have to say on this one...
oh, and also,

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Indie Andyy said...

I don't want my kid to have to know the disgusting reality of gays. I mean, we all sypathize with them and all, but my little Tommy shouldn't be forced to even know about a woman loving another woman!"

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I DON'T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE... last I checked the teachings of the God and His Son Jesus that most of these people follow and believe in and pray to are teachings of being good and kind and understanding and accepting and loving etc etc. Not of hate and bigotry and ignorance and stupidity.

it also pisses me off that something like 77% of money for the YES ON 8 group is from some church with lots-o-non-California members.

What does keep me going and keeps me hopeful that even if it's by one vote, that 8 will be defeated, is that so many people like me who are so actively and angrily and vocally against 8... are straight!