ver⋅bose   /vərˈboʊs/
–adjective characterized by the use of many or too many words; wordy

mo⋅rose   /məˈroʊs/
–adjective 1. gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood. 2. characterized by or expressing gloom.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i heart snail mail!

which is why i often find myself shopping online.
today, i bought the following:

freaks and geeks: the complete series, this show has the best soundtrack EVER, and

sleepaway camp BOX SET complete with unfinished fourth film! juiced! i ask for this set for every gift-giving holiday and never receive it, so i finally gave up and bought it. yay!
i also have two netflix coming. (you hear that, hannah? be there or be square!)

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